About Josh

Josh Pitts is a New Orleans-based artist who creates immersive and multi-sensory experiences. Light works emulating natural bioluminescence, ethereal soundscape installations, and large-scale puppet construction/performance are some of the ways he creates opportunities for delight and surprise through art.

Inspired by wild places, Josh seeks to share the sense of peace and wonder he experiences in nature through his work. Life in New Orleans is filled with spontaneity and celebration, and this finds its way into Josh’s work in enlivening ways.

In 2014, Josh co-founded Interrobang, a crazily creative collaborative group that builds fantastical interactive costumes, immersive art and live music events, and large-scale puppet-able parade floats that dazzle crowds in New Orleans’ lively street parade culture.

2019 marked the beginnings of Josh’s work with light art. The original incarnation of the Ketelflower installation created such positivity amongst viewers with its integrated multi-channel soundscape and interactive lighting design that Josh has continued to evolve the work and find inspiration in the joy the flower brings to others.