Rewarding Curiosity. Embracing Serendipity.

I believe that life is a magnificent gift: short and sweet, it should be filled with adventure, exploration, joy, laughter, light, music, dance and celebration. It’s a priority to both share and contribute to such joy, as much as it is to indulge in it, and I tend to surround myself with wonderful people who hold similar values. I believe Time is our most valuable commodity, and that it’s intentional usage should be our utmost priority.  I believe that we never stop learning, and that to seek wisdom and knowledge is a noble pursuit. To die happy, content, and wise will be a bookend worthy of life.

This path has led me to be self-employed, an avid traveler, a maker, a light artist, and the creator and leader of Interrobang ‽ a collaborative creative group in New Orleans that makes wonderful and grande beasts, rolling contraptions, and immersive events.