Ketleflower is a light + sound immersive art installation created with the intention of providing a breath of fresh air and cleansing, an oasis of calm, with a hint of whimsy.  It resembles an 12ft sunflower with seeds of swirling, colorful waves of light combined with an ambient, atmospheric and ethereal soundtrack. For some, this can provide a breath of fresh air; for others, it’s an opportunity for bliss; and for a few, it’s an avenue towards introspection and perhaps an emotional connection.

Ketleflower at Engulf 2021

“Sublime, surreal, sensational in every way.”

This version of the Ketleflower experience was the first to incorporate a live waterfall water feature.  The goal was to supplement the ethereal soundtrack with live organic sound in hopes of creating a more fully immersive experience.  The waterfall was placed behind the viewing area as a means of being as proximate to the viewers as possible without disrupting the sightlines.  It was a truly lovely and well-liked addition.

This version was also the first to incorporate original music / sound into the experience.  Working with vibraphonist / multi-instrumentalist Viktor Benev, an original score has been composed specifically to pair with the visual Ketleflower experience.  Additionally,  sound engineer George Ingmire has provided some amazing mixes of captured audio from a trip to the Amazon which includes organic rain forest sounds, indigenous flutes, and creative stereo mixing to make the experience more three dimensional.

Ketleflower: December 2020

Ketleflower was featured at the Greenway’s “Supernova” as an extension of LUNA Fête in December 2020

Video Intro to Ketleflower

Directed by Bron Moyi with footage captured from Interrobang’s New Years Eve Interrovision 20/20: Optical Delusion event 12/31/19.  Audio from Book of Life by Masayoshi Fujita.

“Swimming in Indigo” by Palm Sunday

Also directed by Bron Moyi, the footage of Merle in front of Ketleflower is gorgeous and it was an honor to provide a beautiful element to a beautiful song.

Ketleflower at Engulf 2019

Footage captured from Engulf Burn 2019.  Audio is “Ketle 3” by Masakatsu Takagi off of his “Journal for People” album, which was integral in my initial conceptualization of this experience and thus receives a nod from the name.